Syria: Eastern Ghouta being exterminated by regime

Syrian civil war has taken an ugly turn as the government forces have bombarded a rebel-held area of Eastern Ghouta and left nearly 150 civilians dead in what is seen as a catastrophic attack. Syrian government forces are conducting unabating air raids and artillery shelling. The situation has given rise to an intense humanitarian situation. The coalition forces are shelling all places including schools, residential areas, markets which have led to a grave rise in a number of casualties.

As per Syrian Observatory for Human Rights more than 100 people have died in the shelling including 20 children. Residents are facing a severe shortage of basic food and medicines. The area is the last rebel-held region which has been facing a critical blockade of basic food and supplies. The aid convoys are thus unable to deliver the supplies which have left the area largely inadequate. People are dying of starvation due to severe shortage of food and a rise in prices of food. Doctors have also left with basic equipment with lack of medical supplies. UNICEF has expressed grief and outrage over the death of innocent children in the latest wave of attacks. UN also stands alarmed by the incessant bombardment which has caused immense and baseless human suffering.

Eastern Ghouta was classified as a de-escalation zone in 2017 by the government forces and allies to lessen the fighting.

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