Syrian forces to back YPG against Turkey

The Kurdish faction YPG have reached a deal with the regime to permit the entry of government troops to enter Afrin, along the border with Turkey. They have called on the Syrian regime to fight for a united Syria which clearly puts the regime against Turkish advance in Afrin.

Turkey considers Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) and YPG- an armed wing of the latter as a terrorist outfit which is responsible for carrying out many attacks along the Turkish border. Both the groups are said to have ties with Kurdistan Workers’ Party PKK. YPG/PYD control large areas in northern part of Syria and they lead the Syrian Democratic Forces SDF and umbrella organization backed by the US to fight Islamic State of Iraq and Levant. It is this support which has become the latest contention point between two NATO allies.  Ankara along with Free Syrian Army (a Syrian opposition group) had together launched a massive ground and air offensive against the YPG in Afrin to push them out of the area and thus create a buffer zone in the area.

Turkey has not made any official statement on the latest development, however, the latest turn of events has further escalated the matter and made the ground situation even more complicated.

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