Gun Control: Trump supports better background checks

President Trump in a recent development has shown his support for better background checks as an apparent improvement to the gun control laws. A bipartisan bill introduced in 2017 aimed to improve federal compliance with checks which are done before someone can buy a gun. The protests for stricter gun control legislation are gaining strength as the Florida shooter, Nikolas Cruz, who was expelled from school last year, is suspected to have bought the gun illegally. White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders has stated, that the government is discussing all possibilities of revisions and the President is supportive of the on-going efforts for the improvement of the Federal background check system. Democrats are also calling out for tough gun purchase laws.

The new measures if implemented will attempt to ensure information about mental health and criminal conviction records that prohibits individuals from buying guns is routinely sent to National Instant Criminal Background Check System. Even the National Rifle Association which is a dominant gun lobby in US also backs improvement of the checks system.

The recent event at Florida has also increased pressure on the organizers of gun giveaway competitions in the US.

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