Israeli Retaliation: Strikes 18 Hamas targets in Gaza

In a high-intensity retaliation to the killing of seven Israeli soldiers as they ran over a landmine near Qasr el-Yahud, on the banks of Jordan River while they came to fix a fence, Israel has attacked 18 targets which are operated by Hamas in the Gaza Strip.  This is the second such attack in less than 24 hours as a befitting reply to terror activities which targeted Israeli civilians.

Majority of the targets were based in the military area of Hamas where the latter maintains special military grounds, has weapon storing infrastructure along with other training activities. Two observation posts of Hamas were also attacked.

Earlier in the day Israeli soldiers from the Golani Brigade and also the Engineering Corps when came to the border after seeing a Palestinian flag in the area, the device exploded. The Israeli military also discovered two tunnels extending into Israeli territory in the area and is of view that Popular Resistance Committee in Gaza, which is an umbrella group comprise of terrorists from different armed groups had deliberately hung the flag to attract the soldiers. The Popular Resistance Committee came into being after the second intifada and operates from Gaza Strip. The group is now seen as a protégé of Hamas. The attack on Israeli soldiers was described as heroic and a response to Israeli infiltration in Gaza.

A Jihad spokesperson in a tough response to the Israeli retaliation stated, “the land of Gaza will not serve as picnic [grounds] for the forces of the enemy. The sons of Gaza will respond with rage to the Israeli aggression and the continuation of the siege [on Gaza.]”.

Brig. Gen. Ronen Manelis has described the situation as alarming and can destabilize the region. Last month, Israeli air-force had destroyed an attack tunnel from the coastal enclave to Israel and Egypt. This is the fourth such tunnel which was destroyed in last 6 months.

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