Israel: Iran biggest threat to modern world

Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu in his address to Munich Security Conference has escalated the already building war of words and has named Iran as the “greatest threat to the world”. He equated Iran to German Nazis who believed in Master Race as Iran advocates Master Faith.  Israel is committed to preventing Iran from making permanent roots in Syria i.e. any other terrorist base which will continue to threaten Israel. Netanyahu stated that Iran aims at domination of the whole world, the Middle East via aggression and terror. He alerted the whole conference that Iran is developing ballistic missiles which can reach up to Europe and US. He was also critical of the nuclear deal signed with Iran in 2015 and lifting of economic sanctions. Israel will not hesitate to attack Iran directly if the need arises and will not restrict to attack its proxies only. Iranian foreign minister Mohd Javad Zarif labelled the Israeli statement as cartoonish which don’t deserve an official response.

The recent gameplay of words to belittle the other on an international platform on security is a call for serious trouble brewing in the region and may lead to further escalation.

The recent hike in tensions between the two nations was Iranian raids in Syria after it intercepted an Iranian drone crossing the Syrian border with Israel. Israel lost a fighter jet F-16 shot by Syrian defences. Israel has always opposed the nuclear deal between Iran and P5+1 in 2015 which lifted economic sanctions against Iran in return for adding curbs to Iranian nuclear programme. Iran apparently has come out as the greatest winner in the Syrian unrest and many European nations are of the view that more should be done to check Iran’s role in destabilising the region. The rivalry between two nations has become more pronounced after the Saddam Hussein rule was overturned in Iraq. This removed a similar power from the region.

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