Ethiopian Crisis: State of Emergency to last 6 months

The resignation of Prime Minister has led to the imposition of a State of Emergency in Ethiopia which is said to last for 6 months. The latter will help mend political unrest as the emergency will include a complete ban on protests and any kind of broadcasting or publication which can lead to discord in the society.

The government has made many attempts to curb the spread of violence but many people have lost their lives along with massive displacements and deterioration of the economy. The emergency motion has to be ratified by the Parliament after it will be sent to it within next 15 days.

The resignation of Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn, primarily due to spreading unrest and discontent has left the country in a chaos. Hailemariam will stay as a caretaker PM till the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front EPRDF is able to select the next PM. Ethiopia has gone into an emergency for the second time in last 2 years. The last emergency lasted for 10 months was lifted in August 2017 when scores of people came out in protests and many killed in demand for larger political freedoms. The protests were dominated by Oromo and Amhara people which comprise a major chunk of the population and thus demand increased political inclusion and an abrupt halt to any human rights violations. The government released about 6000 political detainees to strengthen national unity in January this year.


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