Austrian Far-Right Party withdrew their statements against Muslims

Heinz-Christian Strache, chairman of Austria’s far-right Freedom Party, which entered government in December 2017 had publically blamed the Muslim Youth Austria (MJO) of spearheading Islamic ideologies and are a part of a huge network which organizes political Islam.

However, failing to prove the allegations legally, FPO has been directed by the Commercial Court of Vienna, to suitably compensate the MJO along with recalling the comments which were also published on their website. MJO had always denied the same as baseless and had filed a lawsuit against the Party. MJO stood by their ethos and stated that they will continue to defend all such allegations which seek to undermine their decades of social work which they have done for the service of the society. In another gesture of social welfare, MJO has announced to give away the compensation money to various organizations in Austria which fight racism and anti-Semitism. FPO however, which controls the foreign, interior and defence ministries has proclaimed itself to be a defender of tradition.

Austria is the presently only one country in Europe which has a far-right government after Chancellor Sebastian Kruz from centre-right People’s Party formed the government in December in coalition with FPO.


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