US-Turkey relations at ‘Crisis Point’

Rex Tillerson, US Secretary of State has finally addressed the fact that the relations between the two allies have reached an ebb and are at a ‘Crisis Point’ over the recent developments in Syrian region of Afrin. Tillerson is on a visit to Ankara. Turkey has clarified its stance on YPG a group which is backed by the US in its fight against the ISIL. Turkey views the group as a terrorist organisation and an offshoot of PKK Kurdistan Workers’ Party. The two nations have agreed to a joint mechanism to manage the situation and thereby take a collective response.

Turkey and US relations dipped after the launch of Turkish offensive against the YPG group in Afrin which is plans to extend to Manbij. The US in its part had announced to arm around 30,000 YPG in Manbij. Turkey has thus demanded that YPG should be ousted from the Syrian Democratic Forces coalition, a banner which has put up a brave fight to root out Islamic State of Iraq and Levant from the region. Turkey has further asked the stationed US troops at Manbij to not interfere in their operation against YPG else Turkish forces will not refrain from delivering an ‘Ottoman Slap’ to the US.

The relations between the two nations have been embittered as the Turkish sentiments against the US have also gained steam as a recent public poll showed that only 18 percent Turks have a favourable view of US and 79 percent hold the otherwise. The recent events have also affected the people-to-people ties.

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