NotPetya Cyber Attacks-US blasts Russia

The US has finally joined Britain in condemnation of Russia of launching devastating cyber attacks in 2017 namely NotPetya. The attacks which took place in June 2017 had a blanket reach and caused damage worth billions of dollars in Asia, Europe and the Americas. Vital parts of Ukrainian infrastructure was destroyed apart from damaging computers across the world.

White House came out in open to blame Russia for meddling with Ukraine which reiterates the involvement of Moscow in the conflict. White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders stated that this was the worst of cyber attacks on record and will be met with befitting international consequences.

NotPetya was a ransomware attack which intimidates people to destroy or delete the target files if they don’t pay a ransom. It is the fastest spreading type of computer virus. The virus freezes the computer screens of the users and asks for an untraceable ransom which has to be paid in digital Bitcoin currency to recover the files.

As per the reports, about 2000NotPetya attacks were launched which were primarily directed at Ukraine as the latter has been in a constant state of conflict with Russian rebels after the Russian annexation of Crimea. The major businesses which were trading with Ukraine like Reckitt Benckister of the UK, Dutch firm TNT and the major shipping giant Maersk from Denmark were largely affected.

Russia, however, denied all allegations and stated that is a continuation of Russophobic campaign

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