Middle-East spill over: Turkey talks tough to US over YPG

The Middle-East soup is now spilling over to NATO. Turkey is angered over the obvious US backing to YPG fighters in northern Syria. President Erdogan has come out openly and sharply against the US funding to the group which has been labelled as a terrorist outfit by Turkey. Turkish head was responding to the new budget of Pentagon which has allocated $550 million to the military activities in Syria. The budget was split as $300m for the training and equipment in Syria and rest $250m for border security requirements.

Turkey had launched a special operation in Afrin region of Syria to wipe out the YPG fighters from the region along its border. YPG comprises the major part of the Syrian Democratic Forces and is a ground arm of US fight against ISIS in the region. This support of US for the group has always been a cause of dispute between the two allies. Turkish officials have also signalled the extension of their attack to the Syrian town of Manbij which is under the control of Syrian Democratic Forces led by YPG. The US has, on its part also reaffirmed the continuous presence of its troops in the town.

The commander of US troops in Iraq and Syria Paul Funk, has maintained a tough stance and stated that any attack on US forces or its partners in Syria will be dealt with equal force. The US views Turkish advance in Syria is counterproductive to the larger fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant.

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