Rex Tillerson: Unity in Coalition to fight ISIL

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has reiterated the importance of unity among the Arab nations to uproot ISIL from Middle-East. He expressed concern at the growing and widening a rift between Qatar and many of its allied nations in the Gulf Cooperation Council viz. Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Egypt. The stopping of combat operations in the region does not signify the end of ISIS as the group can resurface to establish the caliphate in Iraq and Syria in addition to making fresh recruitments.

The vacuum created by lack of unity, continued support from the Arab nations can give way to conducive conditions for the return of ISIS in liberated regions of Iraq and Syria along with newer areas. Tillerson also stressed on the reconstruction of Iraq especially the areas which were once a stronghold of ISIS and are not completely in ruins. $88 billion will be required for the reconstruction with $22 billion needed immediately for the rebuilding process. US is the leading contributor towards the same but is also joined by other groups like EU,  World Bank, UN, Kuwait, the administration of Iraq.


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