Kim Jong Un praises South Korea for warm and impressive hosting

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has praised South Korea for hosting North at the Winter Olympics and expressed hope for boosting the “warm climate of reconciliation” through dialogue. Kim also instructed his government to take steps and measures which are aimed at inter-Korean engagement. Latter was however not specified. US has also backed deep engagement between the two Koreas after the Olympics as this could pave way for talks between Pyongyang and Washington. The US has also reiterated the fact that the sanctions should be further strengthened to push North Korea to give up its nuclear campaign. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe also stated that pressure should be maximised on North Korea. Japan has thus clarified that North Korea is using Olympics politically to soften the international pressure but its open defiance of UN resolutions and testing dozens of nukes last year cannot be brushed aside with ease.

Kim Yo-Jong’s presence at the Winter Olympics was the most senior delegation to visit South Korea from North ever since the War in the 1950s. Ms Kim is still on a list of UN sanctions due to her alleged involvement in many human rights cases of abuse in the North and her presence on South soil thus garnered widespread criticism. Kim Yo-Jong has thus become the new human face of the hitherto highly secretive regime. Kim Yo-Jong is reportedly very close to her brother and was promoted to North Korea’s most powerful politburo last year.



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