Pentagon gets the Trump Card: Biggest Military Budget passed

President Donald Trump has signed the much-hyped Budget Deal which among other notable features presents the biggest military budget Pentagon has seen i.e. $700bn. This outrageous figure is much more than the military expenditure of Russia and China. The Budget will now mean more troops, more training, more ships etc.

The next year the budget will rise to touch $716 bn i.e. the total expenditure of two consecutive years will fully prepare the military for combat readiness which is essential owing to the prevailing conditions across the globe especially when the US renews its focus on Afghanistan and also the brewing conflict on Korean peninsula. This year’s budget saw an instant 15.5 percent jump and the addition is seen as a fix for a wide spectrum of issues plaguing the military viz. an apparent training deficit, need for more sophisticated missile defence systems and also a total recapitalization of the arsenal of nukes. All defence secretaries since 2011 had reiterated the need for more funds for Pentagon and raised their complaints about the spending caps set by the Budget Control Act. Although the budgets have been robust as per the historical standards but the root of the issue lies with the fact that the budgets have been stretched particularly by rising in personnel costs, investments in more costly technology further accelerated by the cumulative effects of stretched multiple conflicts and wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and now the Middle East etc.

Trump Presidency is has increased its military presence in Afghanistan again, has upped the military operations in Somalia and Yemen in addition to the stand-off with North Korea.  The basic and the biggest winners of the military buildup are the biggest defence contractors of US viz. Lockheed Martin, Boeing and General Dynamics. The Military Policy Bill was approved by the Congress in 2017 put forth the amount of money for 28 additional Ground-Based Interceptors- anti-missile missiles which will be launched from underground silos. The Bill also states a 2.4 percent rise in military pay.


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