Israel targets Iranian drone, attacks Syria

Benjamin Netanyahu has reiterated the commitment of Israel to defend its territory and protect itself from any attempt which harms its sovereignty after Israeli military targeted Iranian drone which had infiltrated its territory. Netanyahu also said that it will also protect itself from any kind of attempt by Iranian forces to establish their military bases in Syria.

Israel raided 12 targets which included aerial defence batteries and four targets of them were part of Iranian military establishment in Syria. Israel had however warned Iran lately to not to increase its involvement along the borders of Syria and Lebanon. Israel termed the infiltration of the drone as a serious violation and warned that Iran will be made accountable for the same. Chief Military spokesman of Israel enumerated the graveness of the situation and stated that it is a critical security concern and a grave attack on the Israeli territory.

Syrian TV has contrastingly termed Israeli raid as a military aggression.  Iranian Foreign Ministry has called the blame as completely pointless and ridiculous and stated that the drone was gathering intelligence about the ISIS and had not crossed over to the Israeli airspace. Israel has remained concern about the growing involvement of Iran along the border of Israel in both Syria and Lebanon.Israeli concerns are based on the fact that Iran may use the area to target Israel and may also develop land route and aid in weapons delivery to Hizbollah.

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