Diplomacy at peak in Korean Peninsula: Kim Jong Un invites Moon Jae-in for Summit

The North Korean leader has finally set the stage for the first meeting of Korean leaders in a decade by inviting South Korean President Moon Jae-in for Summit in Pyongyang. The meeting if materialises will be a major diplomatic win for Moon who came to power last year on the pretext of engaging more with the north. The detente is seemed to be steered by the South Korean of the Winter Olympics despite an apparent push in North’s nuclear programme in 2017 and thereby mounting pressure from the US, which is a staunch ally of North.

The personal invitation was handed by Kim’s sister during talks over a luncheon which was hosted at the Presidential Blue House in Seoul. The invitation expresses that Kim wanted to meet Moon early a proposal which was reiterated by Moon Jae-in as he looked up to the conditions to make it possible thereby officially accepting the invitation. Moon has also asked North to hold talks with the US at the earliest.

This may be a signal for peace on the Korean peninsula, but the talks will not be welcome by the US as latter has been implementing a strategy of severe restraint on Pyongyang by means of tough sanctions to make it give up its nuclear missions.

The North Korean nuclear program had conducted the largest nuclear test since last year and had started development of a missile which could carry a nuclear warhead to the US. The US has reiterated its commitment to South and is confident that South Korea will stand-by it in its campaign of extreme pressure. US Vice-President Mike Pence who is also in South Korea for the Games has stated that the US has all options on the table and has all military viable options to deal with any nuclear outrage and threat from North Korea. Technically the Koreas have been at war with each other since their conflict in 1950-53. Latter ended in a truce and not in any peace accord.


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