Colombia and Brazil tighten border with Venezuela

Amid fears of a huge influx of thousands of migrants, Colombia and Brazil have tightened their borders. Juan Manuel Santos, the Colombian President has ordered for more stringent migration rules and suspension of new daily entry cards for Venezuelans and deployment of 3000 new security personnel along the border. The Brazilian government has also reiterated that it will double its troops to patrol frontier regions and will bring forth relocation of Venezuelans to both towns and cities in its interior. Both nations also put forth that they will take proper measures to count the number of Venezuelan migrants i.e. Brazilian authorities will undertake a census while the Colombian counterpart will do so through a registry.

While Colombia has received 5,50,000 Venezuelans, about 40,000 have arrived in Brazil in its northern state of Roraima. The authorities in both the nations have spelt it as a huge humanitarian drama.

The Venezuelan government has announced Presidential elections to be held on April 22 despite the steaming crisis. This was announced as no consensus was reached in talks between Maduro and the opposition.



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