Budget Deal passed: US Government to Reopen

Senate has finally given passage to the Budget Deal 71-28 which will both open the government and also pump hundreds of billions of dollars on defence and domestic priorities. The Bill will also speed disaster aid to areas hit by hurricanes along with the lifting of the federal borrowing limit for a year. The Bill is now headed for the President for his approval.

The shutdown of the government was completely unanticipated and the Office of Management and Budget also didn’t tell the federal agencies to prepare ahead. This is a serious issue as it has brought forth the inability of the Congress and an acute legislative dysfunction which paralyzed the Capitol and also forced the government work on a short-term spending bill. Ironically, the bill which was supposed to check that cycle of budget dysfunction itself ran into dysfunction. The government in turn ran out of money, as the latest short-term spending bill expired and the Congress could not pass a new one.

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