US Congress all set to vote on historic budget deal

US Congress is all set to vote for a far-reaching and historic budgetary deal which will avoid a government shutdown, in addition, to make the way clear for funding the government for the remaining fiscal year. The text of the deal runs into more than 600 pages which reveal both the large and small measures which will go far beyond the budget numbers. It will raise the stringent spending caps on both domestic and military expenditure in the current and the following fiscal year by $300 billion. In addition, it will also pull the federal debt limit until March next year and also includes a $90 billion in disaster relief as a response to the hurricanes and wildfires in 2017.

The deal will apparently keep the government well funded for next 6 weeks thus giving lawmakers enough room to frame a longer-term expenditure bill which will stretch throughout the next fiscal year. Another notable feature of the deal is that it will repeal a strong provision of the Affordable Care Act which had bestowed powers on the independent medical advisory board to have control over the increasing costs of healthcare. Also, 48 different tax cuts which had expired in 2016 will be extended for one year. The deal will further reauthorize the funds for community health centres for a couple of years with an increase of $600 million. Latter had expired in October 2017.

The deal is faced with and has to pass through angry opposition from the ‘Republicans’ most ardent conservatives along with the dissenters from Democrats who state that the deal has nothing to do with young immigrants.

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