Poland: President to sign Holocaust Bill into Law

Polish President Andrzej Duda has affirmed that he will sign the most controversial Holocaust Bill to law. The Bill punishes all acts blaming the Poland citizens for any collusion in Nazi war crimes. The Bill imposes a fine and a maximum imprisonment of up to 3 years to anyone who makes a reference to the Nazi death camps as Polish. The Bill has invited strong criticism from Poland’s allies and Jewish organizations as there are fears that it will enable Poland to shun the role of Poles during Holocaust.

The US has expressed concerns saying the Bill will damage strategic ties between Poland and Israel. The historical evidence suggests that more than one million people primarily Polish Jews died in Nazi Germany operated and controlled Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp.

The supporters of the Bill in Poland have stood for the view that only Germans should be blamed for the Holocaust. However, the Memorial of the Holocaust in the US states that many Polish citizens were also involved in the crimes against Jews. The museum also states that some Polish agencies i.e the Police and railways were involved in the transport of Jews to the death camps. There are also fears that the survivors of Holocaust may be imprisoned for giving their testimony against Poles.

Poland has always objected to the use of terms like Polish death camps as the latter were built and also operated by Nazi Germany after the invasion of Poland in 1939. Israel has collectively denounced the Bill as it eliminates the responsibility of Poles who were directly involved in the war crimes.

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