Maldives: Supreme Court takes a U-turn

In a dramatic set of events, the top court has reversed its landmark ruling for the release of opposition politicians. The ruling came after few hours of the declaration of emergency in the country by President Yameen and arrest of Chief Justice Abdulla Saeed and Justice Ali Hameed of the Supreme Court by the security forces. President Yameen had accused the judges to plot against him.

The new verdict as published came in the light of the deep concerns raised by the President. It had been given by the remaining three judges of the five-member bench and had annulled the section of the first verdict which had ordered the release of 9 members of the opposition.

The Maldives is a small archipelago of Indian Ocean. The country was thrown into turmoil by a landmark judgement which had overturned convictions of 9 opponents of Yameen including the former President Mohammad Nasheed who stays in exile in Britain. Latter has asked for help from India in form of an envoy backed by the military for the freedom of judges and other political prisoners. Ex-President Nasheed has also called on the US to impose economic sanctions against the Yameen regime. Both India and US along with UN, EU, UK and Germany have expressed their concerns about the restoration of civil liberties.

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