Israel and Egypt: Secret Bromance brewing!

The least-kept secret of the world is now surfacing as many reports seek to confirm the growing coordination between two long-time foes against counter-terrorism. Israel and Egypt are conducting covert operations against various jihadist groups in northern Sinai. It is reported that under the permission of Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al-Sissi, Israeli has carried out more than 100 strikes along the peninsula with help of unmarked drones and helicopters. This happens in wake of the fact that Egypt is desperately trying to wrestle control from horrific insurgency spread across Sinai.

The secret alliance is evidence to the fact that rise of Islamic State and other militant groups have helped form and foster silent yet strong relationships between Israel and Arabs.  The growing partnership also rests on the fact that Camp David accords which were signed 40 years back have reduced distances between Egyptian and Israeli generals. Egypt has been instrumental in help Israel to impose and implement restrictions on the movement of goods in and out of Gaza Strip. Additionally, the intelligence agencies of both sides have also shared information about the militants on both sides of the border. Parallels are being drawn between the Israel’s permanent silence and it’s hidden nuclear program.

It is stated that the primary strategic inclination of Israel’s interest in Egypt is stability and any kind of revelation can challenge the same stability.

Geopolitics in the middle-east have been fuelled by the growing presence of Islamic militants and have cultivated relations between Israel and Saudis. Latter has been based on the combined antipathy for Iran but is still covert as strengthening ties with any nation which has many millions of Palestinians under military occupation can spell doom for any Arab nation if it hits headlines.

The Egyptians have always regarded Israel as a major threat over their concerns for the Palestinians but the horrors of the ISIS have helped blurred these feelings. The relations are thus at an all-time high as depicted by the growing number of public exchanges, reinstating of Egyptian ambassador to Tel Aviv and also setting up of an Israeli embassy in Cairo.

The bromance between the two foes is brewing at its best and it has come as a blessing to the Egyptians who want to get rid of ISIS horrors despite the fact who is coordinating with whom and why.

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