Cyprus Presidential polls: President Anastasiades relected!

President Nios Anastasiades has won the Presidential polls for a second five-year term. The Conservative leader won comfortably by drawing 56 percent votes. He defeated his closest rival Malas who was able to gain only 44 percent votes.

Anastasiades will be now expected to deliver on his election promises of speeding the suspended peace process between the ethic divisions. Also, he will be expected to bolster the economic recovery.

Anastasiades is an important figure in the Greek Cypriot political guard. He is backed by the Democratic Rally party. The new President will have to tighten his straps to push forward the stalled peace process which has crippled the nation ever since 1974 after the seizure of northern third by the Turkish troops. All diplomatic talks to unify the nation have fallen apart. Anastasiades promotes the bizonal, bicommunal federation in favour of the two primary communities of the island. This will be the foremost challenge for the new guard. The next big challenge will be to find the source of natural gas by forwarding its cooperation with Egypt, Israel and Jordan to tap into their rich natural reserves. Lastly, the President will have to delicately steer the economy to new highs especially with the huge burden of non-performing loans.


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