Maldives: Top-court to impeach President

The Supreme Court of Maldives is all set for the impeachment of the President Abdulla Yameen as he has not abided by its orders to release all the opposition leaders who had been arrested in the wake of fraudulent trials.

However, the Attorney General Mohammed Anil has come to stand up front to the information and has asked all national administration and defence bodies to disregard any such verdict to preserve the national security.

UN Chief Antonio Guterres has asked the ruling government to respect the verdict of the Supreme Court to release the political prisoners and reinstate 12 lawmakers. President Yameen who is set to run for re-election this year will be elected unopposed as all the political rivals are either in jail or in exile. The police of the country were also dismissed as it stood behind the ruling of the top court. The ruling also overturned the conviction of former President Mohammad Nasheed who lives in exile in Britain but has been actively campaigning for the restoration of his political rights.

US Ambassador to the Maldives has also welcomed the decision of the Court.

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