Cyprus Polls: Face-off between Anastasiades and Malas

Republic of Cyprus will soon elect its new President in a runoff ballot. The leading Presidential candidates who are finally pitted against each other are Nicos Anastasiades 71 who comes from conservative camp has decades of experience backing him and had won 35.5 percent votes in first round and Stavros Malas 50 who hails from the leftist wing but is an indenpendent candidate who stood second with just 30.2 percent votes in the first round. Malas has been largely absent from the country’s political sphere.  The candidate who emerges victorious will have to rekindle a suspended peace process on an island which is deeply split ethnically.

Plausible outcomes

Going by the past polls the victory compass is expected to tilt in favour of Anastasiades although the powerful performance of Malas in the first round is likely to shift the focus. This has completely changed the perspectives and viewpoints which were booming in favour of the former prior to the first round. Another key fact is that both the election majors are not looking forward to any alliances or endorsements by the smaller players or parties.


The Republic is a small island on the Mediterranean and has been mired in ethnic divisions since 1974 when a northern third of the island was seized by Turkey as an answer to the Greek-Cypriot Coup which aimed to unite it with Greece. Many diplomatic ventures to solve the crisis have failed repeatedly. Additionally, the election will also spell a new chapter in the economic sphere as the country emerges from the agonizing economic crisis where failed banks coupled with governmental overspending led it to near bankruptcy.


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