Countdown to Day Zero: Cape Town! Waterless!

The devil is here to arrive in the beautiful city of Cape Town as it heads towards an unprecedented situation as the city administration will turn off the water taps in less than 10 weeks leaving millions of residents trapped in a serious water emergency.


  • The city has been grappling with a critical drought since past 3 years.
  • The experts have termed the dry period as a historic event which has been worsened by the ever-expanding population.
  • The primary 6 huge reservoirs of the city which store about 230 billion gallons of water have been depleted to about 26 percent capacity. This level will continue to fall and as per the time lapse given by the Landsat-8 satellite, the largest reservoir Theewaterskloof Dam will hit the lowest 13 percent capacity on April 16-the Day Zero.
  • In addition to the drought, it has been attributed to poor water management by the city which was completely dependent on rain-water to fulfil its water needs.
  • The authorities will turn off most of the water connections and the residents will be forced to get water at 200 collection points which will be strictly monitored by the police and the military.
  • Stringent restrictions have been issued by the city thus limiting the per person water usage to mere 13 gallons per day. The violators will be fined up to $850 along with the compulsory purchase of devices which caps the water guzzler.

The crisis unfolding:

The City is preparing alternate sources of water like groundwater, bringing up desalination plants along with wastewater recycling. The authorities are trying all possible sources and techniques to cut down on the water consumption by the residents on a daily basis. This ranges from the permission of only 2-minute baths to only washing of one sink of dishes per day. The reputation of the city as a known tourist destination of the world is also hit. The tourism alone offers more than 7 percent of the gross domestic product and scores of jobs.

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